• Li-Shi Yang Associate Vice President for General Affairs

    03-5712121 Ext. 51508、51509
    Substitute in case of absence : Chiun-Hsun Chen


    1.Business affairs of the Department of General Affairs.
    2. Managing "It’s Done Right Away" Service Center.

  • Su-Ling Kuo Technical Specialist

    03-5712121 Ext. 51504
    Substitute in case of absence : Shu-Chih Huang

    1. Assisting administrative affairs for the Office of Deputy Dean of General Affairs.
    2. Supervising and processing the purchase services.
    3. Other unscheduled assignments.

  • Chung-Wen Li Technical Specialist (Boai Campus)

    5712121 Ext. 53021
    Substitute in case of absence : Yi-Chung Tsai

    Execution of pump & electricity
    Responsible campus

  • Ching-Sheng Yang Team member the general affair (Boai Campus)

    5712121 Ext. 53003
    Substitute in case of absence : Zai-Yong Chen

    1.It is safe to safeguard the campus.
    2.General routine work.

  • Zai-Yong Chen Assistant (Boai Campus)

    5712121 Ext. 53002
    Substitute in case of absence : Ching-Sheng Yang

    In charge of all bills including water electricity and natural gas

  • Ming-Fa Lin Assistant (Boai Campus)

    5712121 Ext. 53005
    Substitute in case of absence : Chin-Guei Huang or Long-Guang Chen

    1.Campus environment management
    2.Maintenance of plants and all equipment
    3.Assist transport and clean
    4.Immediate Response Communicate Window and Tracking of Reported Cases Progress.