Main Responsibilities

Our main service categories (Boai Campus)

    1. Duties related to general affairs
    Sending of official documents through restricted/ordinary mail and parcel delivery on campus.
    Providing assistance to the campus police in management parking and regulating traffic on campus.
    Beautification, cleaning and vegetation maintenance of the Bo-ai campus/residence and the Chiu Long residence
    Maintenance of various public facilities on the Bo-ai campus
    Miscellaneous maintenance of small scale water and electricity utilities
    Supervising and evaluating the performance of field work personnel
    Outward contacts and coordination for the Bo-ai campus
    Management and issuing of multi-purpose envelopes until the stock runs out.
    Providing support for various faculties and residences by field work personnel
    Completing occasional duties the superiors have assigned to us.

    2. Assisting in academic work: providing test papers and answer sheets for students at the Bo-ai campus
    3. Assisting in the management of the gym and sports facilities.
    4. Assisting the staff and employees of Bo-ai campus in the event of emergencies and accidents
    5. Management of miscellaneous affairs for the Bo-ai campus.

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