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Subject: Each unit for the following NT $ 100,000 procurement cases in the receipt of vendor quotes and related information before ordering, please first orally to the manufacturers to inquire about whether the publication of refused to come and go, and to the Government Procurement Network to check whether the manufacturer has published Refused to record between the manufacturers, during the suspension shall not be purchased from the manufacturer, please check to know

1.according to the Executive Yuan Public Works Committee 105 years on December 9th engineering enterprise word No. 10500280811 letter for.

2. In accordance with Article 103, Paragraph 1 of the Procurement Law, the manufacturers published in the Government Procurement Gazette shall not participate in the bidding or as the object of award or sub-contractors during the period of refusal. Even if the procurement of less than 100,000 yuan is still applicable to the provisions of Article 103, and the other according to Civil Law Article 153, paragraph 1: "The parties agree with each other, whether it is express or implied, the contract is established." To avoid and be In the case of a contract for the establishment of a government procurement contract, each unit shall check the existence of the provisions of Article 103, Paragraph 1 of the Procurement Law before the establishment of the contract. If the contract is found, the manufacturer shall, before the establishment of the contract, 1 shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 2 of Article 50 of the Procurement Law and shall not be used as the object of award or the subcontractor.