Privacy Policy

We welcome your visit to “the Website of NCTU Office of general Affairs” (hereinafter, "the Website"). In order to ensure that you may safely and easily utilize the information and services of the Website, we would like to explain the privacy protection policy of the Website to safeguard your rights. Please read the following content carefully:
1. The Scope of the Privacy Protection Policy The content of the Privacy Protection Policy includes how the personal identification data collected during your utilization of our website will be processed. The Privacy Protection Policy does not apply to related external websites linked to our Website.
2. The Collection of Personal Data
Two conditions are respectively described as follows according to different sources of the personal data generated
(1) Simple browsing of the Website: the Website will not collect any data about personal identification when individual users are simply browsing the Website and downloading files.
(2) Individual users fill in the blank on their own or the server generates the record by itself: when you are using any service (e.g. the system of signing up for activities) provided by the Website, the related information you fill in or the record generated by the server itself (including the IP address of your connecting device, the time of your use, the browser you use and the record about items you click on) may contain the personal data including your ID number, name, gender, birth date, telephone number, email address, zip code, title, fax, address, student ID, department and student status.
3. The Sharing and Using of Data
The Website will never sell, share, rent or exchange your personal data to/with other groups or individuals discretionarily unless the Website acquires your permission to do so or the law demands the website to do so. For the maintaining of social orders and public safety, the Website will provide possible and necessary co-operation with other judicial authorities upon their demand to publicize particular personal data. The cooperation will follow a formal and legal procedure, and the safety of all users of the Website will be considered. Other personal data you transmit or provide to Office of general Affairs will simply be managed by the clerk in charge. The Website insists again that it will never sell, share, rent or exchange your personal data to/with other groups or individuals discretionarily.
4. About Self-protection Measures
Please keep your own password and personal data well. Do not provide any of your personal data, especially your password, to anyone. After you sign in the service systems of the Website and finish the using of related services, please make sure that you indeed sign out of your account. If you share one computer with other people or if you are using a public computer, please make sure that you indeed close the windows of the browser to prevent other people from reading your emails or other personal data.
5. How to Protect Your Privacy
All the hosts of the Website are equipped with various kinds of equipment of information security and necessary measures of safety protection as firewalls, anti-virus systems, etc. Strict protection measures are taken for securing the Website and your personal data.
6. Consultation on Privacy Protection Declaration
If you have any question about the privacy protection declaration of the Website, please write to us to share your thoughts with us.