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In Order to Fully Implement the Recycling of Styrofoam, Please Give Single Pieces of Clean Styrofoam to the Service Provider of Resource Recycling at Fixed Points on Every Thursday I.In order to fully implement the task of resource recycling and keep the environment clean, NCTU initiates a pilot scheme—The Recycling Service of Single Pieces of Clean Styrofoam (collecting clean pieces of protective packing or shock-resistant buffers used to protect/cover 3C commodities, electronic appliances, and fruit) as of today. Staff and students in every building have to put clean pieces of Styrofoam all in bags and give them to the service provider of resource recycling at fixed points on every Thursday. Please do not leave the Styrofoam pieces on the ground by the road. A dirty piece of Styrofoam that cannot be cleaned is classified as general waste, which can be collected by garbage trucks roving every day on campus. II.If staff members and students in each building acquire a large number of Styrofoam pieces used to cover machines or electronic appliances, please ask the original retailers to recycle them. NCTU will not provide the service to send any vehicles for the collecting of a great amount of Styrofoam. Announced by the Division of Service on Jan. 4, 2017