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The condition that some fish in Bamboo Lake would die suddenly occurs when the temperature is high in summer (causing eutrophication) or low in winter (causing drastic temperature difference). In the summer of 2017, some dead fish emerged to the surface of the lake successively, causing a stink in the surrounding environment. The Division of General Affairs at the Office of General Affairs has mobilized its field staff members to continuously carry out the salvage operation.


In order to improve water quality, carry out tests, and conduct ecological evaluations, the Division of General Affairs will invite a contractor with professional experience in lake renovation and improvement and water quality improvement to come to NCTU to investigate the matter and gather samples. NCTU will soon develop countermeasures of improvement according to the suggestions of the contractor. We sincerely appreciate the patience and tolerance of the faculty, staff, and students concerning the stink caused by the dead fish in Bamboo Lake.