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Announcement of the Division of General Affairs

Subject: In order to manage the towing and recycling of abandoned bicycles on Guangfu Campus this year (2019), we respectfully ask for the cooperation of our faculty, staff, and students.


  1. In order to effectively control the parking of campus bicycles and avoid the accumulation of unused bicycles, the Division of General Affairs will carry out the towing, recycling and reclaiming of the bicycles on Guangfu Campus, starting from September 6, 2019 (Friday).
  2. During the operation period, faculty and student members should pay attention to their bicycle parking location and whether the bicycles have a towing notification on them. If they are not abandoned bicycles (with no handles, missing wheels, serious tire damage, serious chain breakage, missing seats, or in a condition poor enough to be deemed unusable), the owner is asked to tear off the towing notification to prevent the vehicle from being treated as waste.
  3. For the operating schedules and related details, please refer to the attachments.
  4. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Guo Jianxiong, extension number 31381.