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The Necessity to Promote the Policy to Flush Toilet Paper down the Toilet Notification of Promotion 1.Flushing toilet paper down the toilet can reduce the risk of infections caused by infectious agents, dissipate offensive odors, and solve the problems of environmental hygiene such as the growth of bacteria, mosquitos, and flies. The establishment of the behavior can also greatly elevate our country’s standard of environmental hygiene, increase the quality of public restrooms that can compete with those in the developed countries as Japan, European countries and the USA, and improve the impression of our country in the minds of the tourists and friends coming to Taiwan from all over the world. Thus, the importance to establish this behavior is beyond description. 2.Toilet paper does not contain the wet strength agent for paper and is dispersible. The fiber of toilet paper is short and it will disperse easily and quickly when it is put in water. Toilet paper does not plug the toilet. 3.The fiber length of toilet paper is less than 0.4 cm, and the average fiber length in human feces is about several centimeters long. If human feces would not plug the toilet, toilet paper would not plug the toilet, either. 4.Each person’s feces for each time weigh about 32 to 35 kg in average, and each piece of toilet paper weighs about 0.3 to 0.5 kg. If two to five pieces of toilet paper are used each time, the weight ratio of toilet paper to feces is about 3.4% to 14.3%. The proportion is not high, and thus the proportion of the amount of sludge transformed from toilet paper is low in the sewer. Therefore, please promote this behavior with confidence. The frequency of extracting the content of the septic tank should be properly increased according to the actual condition to maintain its normal function. 5.Please help propagandize to the public the appropriate use of toilet paper and the avoidance of using excessive tissue paper to avoid plugging the toilet. 6.Please still put a sign instructing people not to flush toilet paper down the toilet for now in those restrooms that could not yet fit the proper conditions for toilet paper to be flushed down the toilet. The budget to repair or replace the old equipment or pipelines, however, shall be planned to make the toilets in those restrooms fit the proper conditions so the toilet paper can be flushed down in the toilet in the future and for the quality of the public restrooms in our country to be greatly improved. 7.To the managing unit of the restrooms on campus: please finish the task of pasting the illustration or the slogan of “Toilet paper only” (please see the illustration below) in all the restrooms that fit the proper conditions. The authorities of environmental protection will strengthen the inspection and conduct the irregular checks on the environmental hygiene of the public restrooms since July 2017 to check whether the illustration or the slogan is pasted in all the public restrooms. Illustration: Office of General Affairs Apr. 7, 2017

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