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Evaluation of Restaurants at NCTU, Autumn Semester, 2017—Fill in the Questionnaire and Draw a Wonderful Prize!!!


Greetings! NCTU Faculty, Staff and Students,


The evaluation of restaurants comes again. The activity of online questionnaires vigorously begins!!!


The faculty, staff, and students of NCTU are welcome to participate in this activity of “Fill in Questionnaires and Draw a Wonderful Prize!!!”


Online questionnaire of “Evaluation of Restaurants at NCTU, Autumn Semester, 2017”:


*Check the website below to fill in the questionnaire:


Period of the activity: from today to December 8th


Join the questionnaire activity of “Evaluation of Restaurants at NCTU, Autumn Semester, 2017” now, and you may win multiple prizes:


1.      5,000 NTD Gift Certificate               x 2

2.      3,000 NTD Gift Certificate               x 5

3.      2,000 NTD Gift Certificate               x 10

4.      1,000 NTD Gift Certificate               x 50


Liaison of the activity: Fu Shuping     ext. 51559



Announcement of the Division of General Affairs


The activity of the Performance Evaluation of Restaurants at NCTU in the Autumn Semester in 2017 begins from today to December 8th. Check the website of the activity here.