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Caution! Prepare for the Coming Heavy Rain

June 14, 2017

A front will go south from Wednesday (Jun. 14), and the weather is going to be unstable. The strong southwest wind carries rich steam and could possibly cause extremely heavy rains. Each building’s preparation for the prevention of the damage caused by the strong wind and heavy rains should be done in time to keep people and buildings safe.

The measures to prevent the damage caused by extremely heavy rains are as follows, please follow these instructions.

 1. Please avoid parking any vehicles under any trees on campus during the period of heavy rains in case any trees fall down and damage the vehicles. Please park your vehicle at a safer place or in an indoor parking lot. Because every insurance company stopped selling the employer’s liability insurance of non-activity public liability insurance, the personal safety and property damage of the faculty and staff of NCTU are no longer covered by the insurance policy of university-wide public liability insurance since April 2016. Therefore, accidents and property damage/loss during the period of extremely heavy rains are not compensated by any public liability insurance policy. Please note this condition. For the latest announcement about relevant information, please check the website of the Division of General Affairs ( ).

 2. Please properly close the doors and windows of public areas, classrooms, research rooms, labs, and offices.

 3. Please clean the roof, the edge of the terrace, and the surrounding ditches of every building. Leaves and miscellaneous objects should also be removed to avoid water flowing into any buildings.

 4. Please remove or fix the objects that could be blown away easily (e.g. bonsai by the windows and outdoor facilities).

 5. Please check whether electrical outlets are exposed in outdoor areas or in any places that could be affected with damp easily. Please remove the electrical outlets that could cause danger.

 6. To the managers of every building on campus: please store the water in the water tower to avoid water shortage.

 7. Please inform the manager of each campus building to keep his or her mobile phone on 24-hour standby.       

 8. The following units will be receiving emergency calls during extreme heavy rains: Division of General Affairs, Division of Construction and Maintenance, Division of Campus Security, or Office of Military Training.