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  1. The announcement is publicized In accordance with the Administrative Instruction No. 1060046105 from EPA on June 20, 2017.


  1. The EPA announces that wasted paper containers (including paper tableware, paper cups, cartons, or aluminum foil bags) are the items that should be recycled because they were drenched in wax, applied to with plastic membranes or aluminum foil during the manufacture process, which is different from general wasted paper (such as copy paper, newspaper, magazine paper, cartons, paper boxes). If these paper containers were recycled along with general wasted paper, most of them will become wasted stuff of paper factories. Please help propagandize to the faculty, staff, students, and visitors on campus not to mix the wasted paper containers with wasted newspaper or other kind of wasted paper when recycling wasted paper.


  1. After using a paper container, please remove the residual of the food and then wash or wipe the paper container. After that, recycle the paper container, which is under the category of “containers.” The container will be regenerated into paper pulp and plastic by professional disposal factories.