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Notification of construction:

The removal of a dead standing tree in the pine forest

The reason for the removal:

Termites eat through the pine’s trunk base and thus cause rot in the base. The rot erodes the interior of the base and causes the pine to slant, endangering the safety of faculty, staff and students on campus.

Construction site:

A dead standing pine in the pine forest

Construction period:

From May 26 (Fri.) to May 31 (Wed.)



1.       Please pay attention to the warning signs and signals and keep away from the construction site.

2.      Please remove any vehicles parking at the construction site to smooth the process of the construction.

3.      Please be patient with the traffic inconvenience caused by the construction.

4.      When the construction takes place, please keep away from the construction sites to avoid danger


        Contractor of the construction:

Chang Hong Scenic Construction Company

Contact person:

Mr. Shen     Mobile: 0933-794768



Contact person at the Division of General Affairs:

Mr. Shen Liyuan

Ext.: 31480   Mobile: 0922-146353


Please tolerate the inconvenience caused by the construction during the construction period.


Division of General Affairs