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Transportation Notices during Mid-Autumn Festival


Dear faculty, staff members, and students of NCTU,


  1. During Mid-Autumn Festival (September 13-15, 2019), all routes of school buses and outsourced buses (including NCTU school buses, outsourced shuttle buses, and shuttle bus via NTHU, NCTU, and Academia Sinica) are not in service. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  2. Transportation service on the day before the Mid-Autumn Festival (September 12, 2019) is as follows:
    1. Shuttle bus via Guangfu Campus, Liujia Campus, and THSR Hsinchu Station: an extra shuttle is arranged at 17:10, departure from Chung Cheng Auditorium.
    2. Route 2011B of Howtai Long Distance Bus: the bus provides Taipei-Hsinchu transportation service. The bus stop is at the South Gate on NCTU campus (at the West Parking Lot). We hope the information provided be useful for your transportation. For further details of bus route and schedule, please visit:
  3. For any inquiries, please contact Ms. Liang at the Division of General Affairs (on-campus ext. 31620).