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Fill out the questionnaire

Fill out the questionnaire The Evaluation of Campus Restaurants in the 2nd Semester of the academic year 105—Fill out a Questionnaire and Win a Big Prize About the activity: The performance evaluation of the outsourced contractors in the second semester of the academic year 105 has just begun. In order to increase the dinning quality of the staff of NCTU, we hold the activity of “Fill out a Questionnaire and Win a Big Prize.” From today to May 12 in 2017, you can participate in the lottery game after you fill out the questionnaire and writing down your opinions as the reference for business owners, venders, and contractors to work on the improvement. Let us help improve the overall service quality of all the restaurants together! What are you waiting for? Hurry up to invite your friends to fill out the questionnaire and participate in the lottery game! The period of the activity: The activity starts from today to May 12 in 2017. The names of the winners will be drawn out publicly from the lottery game after the end of the period. The subjects of the activity: NCTU staff and students. The subjects to be evaluated: 1. The venders, business owners, and contractors renting business spaces at NCU. How the lottery is done: The winners of the lottery game will be drawn out openly and announced publicly after the activity is finished. The prizes of the activity: Prize 1: a voucher of 5000 NT dollars x 2 Prize 2: a voucher of 3000 NT dollars x 10 Prize 3: a voucher of 2000 NT dollars x 15 Prize 4: a voucher of 1000 NT dollars x 25 Points for attention: 1. This questionnaire activity emphasizes the spirit of fair competition. Everyone can only fill out the questionnaire for one time (for one chance of winning a prize). No cheating is allowed. 2. The prizes cannot be changed into cash or passed on to other people. 3. The actual prizes will be subject to actual conditions. The Division of General Affairs preserves the rights to change the prize items, and cancel or alter the regulations of this activity. 4. According to the Tax Law of the Republic of China, when the market value of any prize is above 20,000 NT dollars, the winner of that prize must pay a 10% tax and provide certificate documents to the activity organizer to receive the prize of the activity. Fu Shu-ping, Division of General Affairs Ext.: 51559