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The banyan tree by Building 1 of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences on Guang-fu Campus Description of the preservation and protection: The fallen tree by Building 1 of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences had been growing for more than thirty years before it fell down. Because the tree is located right beside the building, its lack of sunlight has made its shape look unbalanced. Furthermore, due to September winds’ long-term influence, the tree fell down in October 2016. Division director of Forest Protection Division at Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, Director Wu Mengling, was invited to NCTU to examine the condition of the tree. According to her judgment, the damage of the fallen banyan tree’s root system is not severe, and thus the tree does not need to be pulled back to its original position. The tree can regain its original shape when it continues to grow. Director Wu also suggested that some holders be installed under the tree to support it and to assure public safety. When the installation of the holders is finished, the tree’s aerial roots can be channeled and redirected with PVC pipes and sphagnum mosses. After the aerial roots are channeled and redirected, they will grow into natural holders of the tree. The tree crown should be properly trimmed afterward and it should be kept away from the ground. The Division of General Affairs has finished the installation of the holders, the enhancement of the ground layer and drainage, and the artificial channeling and redirection of the aerial roots. Please tolerate any inconvenience caused during the period of the preservation and protection. Notification: To the staff and students, please follow the instruction below to smooth the onsite reserving, preserving and protective operation: Warning tapes were set up in the location. The whole operation has not been completely finished (holders have been installed and the redirection of aerial roots has been done). Please pay attention to the sign of the location control and keep away from the area of preservation and protection. Liaison at the Division of General Affairs: Mr. Shen Liyuan; ext.: 31480