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* 2015-04-11 The Ministry of Education has discovered lunch box sailors attempting to forge the results of quality investigation, all campuses must investigate food hygiene and quality thoroughly. ( General Affairs Division )
* 2015-04-09 The Ministry of Education requests all campuses to track down and clear the usage of products from Sun Chen Chemical Group and all down-stream vendors, according to investigation result from the Minis ( General Affairs Division )
* 2015-02-24 Environmental Monitoring Report (103.10~12) ( Constuction Division )
* 2015-02-13 In order to improve the efficiency of property management, National Chiao Tung University herein stipulates that every Tuesday and Thursday are the days for each unit to collect goods at the Property ( Property Management Division )
* 2015-02-11 The minutes of NCTU Campus Construction and Landscape Evaluation Committee of academic year 2015 ( Duties and Services Division )

  • 浩然圖書資訊中心
    Libarary and Information Center
  • 竹湖風光
    Bamboo Lake
  • 科學二館
    Science Building 1
  • 工程二館
    Engineering Building 2
  • 綜合一館
    Assembly Building 1
  • 人社一館
    HSS Building 1
  • 人社二館
    HSS Building 2
  • 研究生第二宿舍
    Graduate Student Dormitory 2
  • 中正堂
    Chung Cheng Auditorium
  • 工程六館
    Engineering Building 6
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